Carnival, Star Trek and Doctor Who under one roof!

CAPT Randolph Allen

The weekend of February 7th 2014 was one of the greatest Wizard World’s New Orleans Comic Con’s (NOWWCC). Matt Smith, otherwise known as the 11th Doctor from the BBC’s Doctor Who. By the same stroke of luck this year’s NOWWCC also happened during the opening rounds of the Carnival Season, better known as Mardi Gras. Thus members of STARFLEET has gotten more than they bargain for at this event.

The plans for this event began early as the Chapters of Region Three and Region Two prepared to once again take on the massive crowds at the Ernest Morial Convention Center in Downtown New Orleans. Taking point was the USS NEW ORLEANS, along with the USS LAFFITE and from Region Two came the USS NEPTUNE. The crew of the LAFITTE found itself stretched thing between running their Chapter Table and CyPhaCon table which several members of the Chapter were also on the convention staff.

The Krewes assemble for the weekend

The Krewes assemble for the weekend

Members of the USS CORSAIR our of Baton Rouge, stepped up and assisted their Region Three Sister Chapter. Thus the Chapters of Zone 2 were more than adequately represented. Biloxi’s own USS NEPTUNE manned their table with information about their own Chapter while promoting their home Convention CoastCon 37.

During the convention the USS NEW ORLEANS and her sister Chapters managed to talk to approximately 200 individuals interested in STARFLEET. Whether the person was from Lake Charles to Slidell, members were given information packets about the latest events of the Chapters and invited to future events.

During NOWWCC, the SyFy Channel series Heroes of Cosplay were at the convention filming their season finale. As a result a large number of Cosplayers flooded into the convention center for the show and a chance to win the grand prize. The USS NEW ORLEANS took advantage of this and helped some of the Cosplayers to the GEEK (Geeks Empowering Extraordinary Kids) Table where they were photographed and given a number.

LT McDonald holds MAJ Lepoma (Gorn) at bay

LT McDonald holds MAJ Lepoma (Gorn) at bay

The photos would be added to GEEK’s series of Cosplay Calendars which help raise funds and awareness for special needs children and their families.

The USS NEW ORLEANS hosted a dinner on Friday Night for Star Trek and other fan groups at the Huh! Restaurant in Metairie, LA. Members stayed until the wee hours of the morning playing Cards Against Humanity and enjoying good food.

Order of Zapp

MEN in skants!

Sunday Morning, the Men of the USS NEPTUNE and USS NEW ORLEANS showed up wearing Skants from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The Event was marked the beginning of a new tradition for both Chapters. The group later known as the “Order of Zapp Branningan” of Futurama fame mustered for several photo ops with fans and then went to the GEEK’s table to shoot the first of group shots to help with their Calendar.

The final wave before we depart

The final wave before we depart

At the end of the weekend, friendships from convention pasts were renewed. New friendships were made as STARFLEET members met other Star Trek Groups like Orion’s Envy, a Star Trek Dance Troupe (and member of the 1701st Fleet). STARFLEET forged ahead and prepared for their next challenge

Exploring a new frontier: MechaCon 9 (August 23rd through August 25th ) New Orleans, LA

Story by: CAPT Randolph Allen

Photos by CAPT Randolph Allen and MCAPT Elizabeth Suttles

The Captain and K-9 an epic struggle across space and time

The Captain and K-9 an epic struggle across space and time

As private events go MechaCon is one of the largest private conventions in the state generating an interest for close to 5000 Anime, Manga and Cosplay fans descending down on Hilton Riverside in New Orleans, LA. The Con had several large, well attended panels, packed dealer’s room, gaming be hosted by local gamestore +1 Gaming in Metaire.

The convention proved to be a boon to the USS NEW ORLEANS as the Chapter took its place among the other local fan groups and began to spread the word of Trek. Over the course of the three-day event. The USS NEW ORLEANS managed to get in contact with 67 interested parties.

Fans from as far as Houston, Texas to Tuscaloosa, Alabama thus a great turn out for Region Three in general.

This is where those negotiation skills picked up on Risa come in handy... we think.

This is where those negotiation skills picked up on Risa come in handy… we think.

What made the fans so different from all the other conventions attended by the Chapter was their age. Fan were quite young with some barely knowing anything about Star Trek save for the new movies. However many had mentioned that once they had saw the movies they wanted to see the series. It was surprising to hear that The Next Generation was the preferred favorite out of the series.

There was even one young fan who loved the The Original Series for one simple reason… Spock is the Man! This same fan found the Spock from the new movies, paled in comparison to the man!

ENS Rob Cerio before the end...

ENS Rob Cerio before the end…

But the fans were interested in all what STARFLEET had to offer. Many were struggling college students from the university towns of Lafayette, Hammond and Baton Rouge. And when they heard that their fandom could win them the chance of a possible scholarship most wanted more information.

The USS NEW ORLEANS also took the opportunity to promote its favorite Charity which Geeks Empowering Extraordinary Kids (GEEK) which was formerly Geek Girls with Guns and to promote Region Three Gameday with some of the local groups. Local Chapter of the 501st Legion, Krewe Du Who and even the Camarilla expressed interest in the event.

We only looked away for a minute.

We only looked away for a minute.


We do have suspects…

The Raging Tribble (International Conference Special Edition) August 2013

Contributors: CAPT Randolph Allen


CAPT Randolph Allen and LCDR Raymond Boudreau once again  braved the wilds of the unknown (otherwise known as Dallas, TX in August [the conference in Hell]) representing the Chapter. For four days they go together with old friends from the USS ZAVALA, the USS TIBURON, USS CORSAIR, and the rest of Region Three.

The guest of the IC was Vaughn Armstrong, he has played a wide variety of characters from Star Trek over the various franchises, but he is really well known for being Admiral Maxwell Forrest from STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE. Personally he is one of the nicest men you could meet. A very gracious guest and was at nearly every event.

Charities sponsored by the IC 2013 made over $6400 this year from generous members. This came from various events such as SFMC Marine Mess Hacks, Nerf Wars, the Hunger Games event, the Charity Auction  and of course Pieing Marian L. Murphy IC 2013′s Chairman. Who not only got the pie but two. Needless to say those who were awarded to Pie Marian was IC Guest ADM Vaughn Armstrong and outgoing CS FADM Dave Blaser.

Two new ships were commissioned at IC this year. The first was Region Three’s USS TEXAS. The Chapter based in Round Rock, TX and the USS ZEBULON PIKE based in Colorado Springs, CO. The USS NEW ORLEANS welcomes them both to our happy STARFLEET.

Next year the International Conference will be in Rockwood, IL and their theme is “Time is Fleeting”. ic2014This will be a significant year for STARFLEET which will be celebrating its 40th year as a Star Trek Fan Association. So make your plans early!


The USS NEW ORLEANS walked away with quite a few awards at the IC this year. It shows that we have what it takes as a Chapter to not only be willing to do things in regards to having fun and community service.

2012 Shakedown Award2012 Shakedown Chapter of the Year!

This was the big surprise of the International Conference and certainly made the trip worthwhile.

The USS NEW ORLEANS would like to thank the following for making this happen. The USS CORSAIR for being our mother-ship. To ADM Wayne Killough who was a wonderful as our guide as Region Three ShOC Officer. And of course the rest of Region Three as whole for welcoming us into their family.

(Captain’s Personal Note: No one recognizes the hard work that the entire Krewe did for the Chapter even those members who are no longer with us. Most importantly I need to offer my thanks to the USS NEPTUNE in Region Two. When we launched they were there with us as plank owners and part the krewe. Even though they are their own Chapter this award is as much theirs as ours. Again my many thanks).

Orders of Merit.

The Chapter has quite a few of these members who have won their Awards.

Order of Axanar Third Class

1LT Cheri Cerio

Order of Babel Third Class

LT Keith Rombach

ENS Allie Henson

CRR Kathy Beauford

Order of Dionysus Third Class

FCAPT Robert “Scrybe” Suttles.

STARFLEET Academy Triangle LogoSTARFLEET Academy Awards.

For the most part the Academy awards for the sheer number of courses taken. According to Vice Commandant of the Academy ADM Wayne Killough there are now over 1000 courses available.

Boothby Awards are given to those members who take 50 courses and then more. However there are more based on the schools. By completing all the course work for a given college a member can also earn the following awards.

Blue Squad.

This is for Cadet Courses. Any Cadet completing a school from Cadet Schools. The Cadet with the most Blue Squad Awards in a given year is the Blue Squad Leader.

Star Awards.

This is for any Cadet for taking and passing the Adult Level Courses.

Red Squad.

Any Adult or Cadet completing and passing a school or college courses at the STARFLEET Academy.

The 2012 Red Squad Award for the USS NEW ORLEANS goes to CAPT Randolph Allen for his work on the Romulan Orientation College and the College of Strategy and Tactics.

Gold Squad.

The Gold Squad are for STARFLEET Family Members who complete and pass schools at STARFLEET Academy.

The 2012 Gold Squad Award goes to LCDR Raymond Boudreau.

STARFLEET Logo Classic (2-color)

The Commander of STARFLEET Election 2013.

In the next couple of weeks members will receive a ballot in the mail for the next Commander of STARFLEET and the Executive Committee. Please take your time and VOTE!

There are those in the Chapter who are not familiar with the Candidates you can visit their platforms. If you think there is a question that needs to be answered by them, both teams welcome emails so you as members of STARFLEET can feel comfortable with the candidates.

There are two teams running for Commander and Vice-Commander of STARFLEET.

The first team is ADM Wayne Killough and CMDR Reed Bates. We know them best as Region Three’s SHoC Officer and Regional Coordinator. Please take the time to go to their site and read their platform.

The second team using their “Experience Matters” slogan is FADM Les Rickard and VADM Tammy Wilcox. FADM Rickard has served as Commander of STARFLEET twice now and this will be his third term.

(Captain’s Personal Note: Krewe I can’t tell you how to vote. But I will suggest that you do vote. Please take the time to click on the links provided and read up on both of their platforms.)

Communications/Computer Operations Merger.

The Executive Committee and the Admiralty Board (ECAB) met on Thursday to discuss the possible merger of the two Executive Committee departments under one umbrella. After some discussion there would no merger of the current departments. Such a merger would more than likely cause more confusion than streamline the departments.

Membership Rates Change.

This was hotly contested by ECAB since this would affect a number of things. It would affect recruitment and the price of printing THE COMMUNIQUE the STARFLEET newsletter. These changes will take affect on January 1, 2014.

Since the Chapter Membership is all in the Continental United States this is what is what is being covered.

There will be two options available to new and renewing members when the changes take effect. Members will note there are now two prices for joining STARFLEET.

$10 For new member or renewing members wanting the THE COMMUNIQUE and other paper related items in digital form. Less stuff being printed means savings goes back to the membership.

$20 is the membership fee for the printed media.

A second member being added to the family account will cost $5 extra. And any additional members beyond that will cost $2 per person. Remember this takes effect next year in 2014.

Renewing early this year will cost the same.


It was made mention at the IC that STARFLEET newsletter would be going up in cost. Hence the aforementioned discussion on membership rates. Members had decided to make the move from the newsprint to the magazine format. But this causes an increase in rates. One of the things that STARFLEET Communications is doing is taking the The CQ online with submissions and a WordPress Powered website. Thus the costs will be lowered.

The STARFLEET Website.

Computer Operations mentioned that the current website is hard to navigate and it is a little dated. As a result there is now a project underway where Computer Operations will be upgrading the website from its current format to WordPress. In addition groups having different websites and that are also using WordPress could be added as modules to the parent site. One site for consideration is the current CQ Website.


This unit is part of the STARFLEET Holodeck Program and now having over 100 members it is now left to its own devices. The USS NEW ORLEANS has its own SFSO Unit the 44th Intel Group nicknamed “The Harem of Angels.”

At the IC SFSO Director TJ Allen outlined his plan for the organization since he has taken over. Currently he has ideas for uniform modifications for SFSO units as well as requirements. His comments are on the SFSO website. In addition operatives will have their own rank and award systems to work alongside their STARFLEET Rank.

Director Allen wanted everyone to understand the SFSO is not separate from the STARFLEET in the like the Marines. SFSO is a part of STARFLEET.

What does this mean for the 44th Intel Group? 44thlogo copyFrom a Role-Play perspective the 44th can be the start of several SFSO operations. Because we are satirical we can put our own unique spin but the idea is generate missions for the more combat oriented units and if there are questions or other unresolved issues that the 44th take over the missions to investigate.

Missions will be ran once a quarter (every three months) so this shouldn’t take over the aspect of the chapter.

Also there are Academy Requirements for Team Leaders. Because the 44th is an Intelligence gathering organization we are not bound to a certain set. Instead we are a collection of specialized operatives whose skills contribute to the greater whole. Awesome!

r3logo [Converted] copyRegion Three News.

For the most part Region Three was tied up with events that was IC 2013. However there are two events to make note of.

September 21st will be Johnston Space Center Trip in Houston, TX.

On November 2nd will be the Region Three Gameday hosted across the region at the various Zones. The USS NEW ORLEANS will be hosting theirs at +1 Gaming starting at 10 AM. The USS NEPTUNE has offered to bring their Artemis Rig so we can play at the store. And the USS ZAVALA has offered another throw down with the Chapter with their Rig.

November 2nd is also the time frame set forth by Region Three “Biggest Loser” contest. For those who are looking for friends to support them to a healthier lifestyle they can now look towards the Region for help.








The Raging Tribble for the month of July

By CAPT Randolph Allen and CRR Johnetta Samone

From the Center Chair.

In the clutches of Queen Calamitas

In the clutches of Queen Calamitas

The issue I would like talk about is fundraising for the Chapter and our friends. For the last two years the Chapter has been funded out of members pockets. And a good and generous they are, these funds finite. Starting at July Business Meeting (and those afterwards) the Chapter will embark on its first in-house fundraiser.

Basically I am leaving a donation box by the door where members can give what they can to help with the Chapter. Once the box reaches $100 I will be opening a Chapter Bank Account which can also be accessed by the Command Burser and Executive Officer as described in our bylaws.

The July Meeting will also determine at what point the Chapter can stop saving and start spending. Members can expect that Meeting in future will tackle those issue so it gives us a level of commitment on those projects.

Why Donations?

Specifically our Chapter Bylaws prohibits the Chapter from levying any other dues other than paying your membership fee to STARFLEET. Personally I like the rule and it serves that it is not a requirement to anything with the Chapter. Also that means with donations Members can donate what they can to the Chapter without being forced into donations a specific amount. So members can contribute to the Chapter on their terms.

What has led up to this measure is the fact that we have Chapter Members bristling with ideas and projects. Again such things were given out of the kindness of the Chapter Members. But as projects and goals become more complex so does the increase in funding. Therefore it is only reasonable that the Chapter help with some of this projects within reason

News from Region

r3logo [Converted] copy

Corrections from last month.

At the time of publishing about the it had been reported by the RAGING TRIBBLE that the USS ZAVALA was getting set to be a mothership to the USS ASCENDANCE.

First of all the ASCENDANCE was reported to be operating in the Houston Area. That information was incorrect instead the Chapter of note was actually in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.

Also since that time the USS ASCENDANCE has decided to not join STARFLEET at this time. Our thanks to CAPT Penelope McFaddin, Commanding Officer of the USS ZAVALA for this update.

Don’t Forget about IC 2013

Looks like the USS NEW ORLEANS at the time of this posting will be the Chapter that is going from Louisiana to the International Conference. This will probably be the last time for a while when the Chapter as a whole can go to this event.

What about 2014?

The International Conference will be near Chicago next year. However for those who can’t make that trip. Region Three will have its next Summit in Houston, TX which also means a possible side trip to the Johnston Space Center. Also the Chapter is checking Region Two for their Summit. There is no new location or date at the time of this posting but if there is one available and close by we can certainly go to that.

An important things about Summits, they do their very best to bring STARFLEET, Chapters and Members together so there are faces to those in the rest of the organization.

Some other reminders from around Region and Zone

September 14th the Region Three Visit to Johnston Space Center in Houston, TX where the Shuttlecraft Galileo makes its home. Because this is a road trip of some proportions some of the Krewe may want to start now in organizing car pools and and hotel rooms. There will be more details as the event gets closer.


November 9th is the Region Three Game Day for Children’s Miracle Network. Each Zone in the Region will be hosting the event. For Zone Two – Louisiana that means the USS NEW ORLEANS in partnership with +1 Gaming. Already the USS NEPTUNE from Region Two has been in contact and they are promising to bring their Artemis Bridge Simulator to the event. There will be a number of Star Trek related games and events to keep people occupied during the event

The USS NEW ORLEANS back on “The Week In Geek Show

WGSO1During the NOLA Time Fest on June 29th, both CAPT Randolph Allen and ENS Rob Cerio was accosted by show host David Ducorbier for random interviews from the event.

Those interviews were aired on the July 4th Show at the show’s new time 5 PM to 6 PM. It is still being shown on Thursdays.

This an awesome show for local fandom in the New Orleans Area and David and the folks know how to treat their guests right.

Attack of the Polls!

Due in part of some of the lame polls we are seeing online the Chapter has decided to field its own polls in its Facebook group the Starship New Orleans. This month this poll asked the question which was your favorite standard duty uniform from the series and movies. In the poll it was asked that variants not be used.

And the winner is the Early DS9/Voyagerthe Uniform from Star Trek Voyager. The uniform was certainly seen the most in the series though it actually debuted in Deep Space Nine before being upgraded to the uniform in the later movies. This uniform received three votes more than the other.

Tied for second place with two votes each were the uniforms from the The Original Series, Maroon Monsters from The Wrath of Khan and those from Insurrection.

Tied for Third Place with One Vote each was the uniforms from the Motion Picture and Enterprise.

And finally no one liked the ones from The Cage or The Next Generation.




The Raging Tribble for the Month of June

CAPT Randolph Allen and CRR Johnetta Samone

The Captain looking larger than life.

The Captain looking larger than life.

From the Center Chair. Needless to say the Raging Tribble is going to have a lot of content this month since there have been a lot of thing going on with the Chapter and STARFLEET in general.

First I should point out we are redesigning the website to make it more functional. The last bit of information we uploaded was the Technical Manual and the Bylaws. However, over the last couple of weeks we are now creating the web site as much as a resource for the Membership as for those who are curious about the Chapter and STARFLEET in general. Thus the Tech Manual and future Costume/Uniform Guide will be under the auspices of the 44th Intel Group which is under the Units Attached Tab alone with our beloved 329th MSG. Eventually we are looking at adding the Chapter Handbook to this site to help explain the Chapter further.

r3logo [Converted] copy

News from the Region.

Gains and Losses.

This month the Region lost two chapters. One due to the relocation of the Command Staff and the other through the process of Decommissioning. However in that loss came two new ships first is the USS Artemis (NX-75635) Defiant-Class which has entered into Shakedown in the Dallas, Fort Worth Area they are under the auspices of Ark Angel Station. The Second is even newer which is the USS Ascendance forming in the Houston Area which will be under the watchful eye of the USS Zavala.

Don’t Forget IC 2013

The Chapter will be there in force! The Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Command Burser, and Command Assistant will be there. And to help with our “Spirits” Needs the Padre will be there as well.


The Shuttlecraft Galileo

One of the things discussed at the Region Meeting was a get together to see the Shuttlecraft Galileo at the Johnston Space Center. This has been scheduled tentatively for September 14th.

Every other year the Region does plan a trip to the Johnston Space Center so this one will be fairly special since the Region will be traveling to it a month after the IC in Dallas.

Region Three Game Day.

Every year the Region gets together and has a day of Gaming and uses it to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. The Region breaks this down by Zones, so everyone has chance to participate without traveling too far to have have fun and raise money for the local children’s hospital. The Chapter has taken point in Zone Two (Louisiana) and will be sponsoring this event in cooperation with +1 Gaming.

The date will be sometime in November (presumably a Saturday) from 10 AM in the morning to 6 PM. And for those who are familiar with +1 Gaming also know there is a literal plethora of restaurants in the area.

600_62871032From the Awards Committee.

This month was the first meeting of the Chapter Awards Committee. The members focused on creating New Chapter Awards that would go to Region Three Awards Program, STARFLEET Orders of Merit, and STARFLEET Marine Corps Awards. There will be another meeting next month in July for Awards Committee to decide on the last of the Awards. However here is what has been agreed upon thus far. The final list will be approved at a future General Membership Meeting for ratification.

Once ratified the awards will be added to the Chapter’s Monthly Status Report as a record for both the Member and the Chapter.

The awards are as follows:


Awarded by the Commanding Officer or the Executive Officer these awards are handed to a Chapter Member for assisting with any Chapter Event that is perceived to be above and beyond what is expected for a normal member.


Awarded by a Chapter Department Head, these awards are handed to a Chapter Member assisting with any aspect of the Department Head that is perceived to above and beyond what is expected for a normal member.

Cadet Merit Badges

Special Awards for the Cadets of the Chapter. These are based on Scouting Awards from various organizations. Merit Badges are designed to be educational in nature.

Individual Chapter Awards.

These are awarded annually at the anniversary of the Chapter’s Commissioning. They are those that recognize those individuals who have contributed to the Chapter over the course of the year. The following have been discussed so far.

Cadet of the Year. This is for members under the age of 18 who have proven themselves as a representative of the Chapter. Not only Chapter work is taken under consideration but grades in school.

Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year. Members who have not passed the OTS (Officer Training School Exam) who have shown themselves to an exemplary member of the Chapter and STARFLEET.

Officer of the Year. Members who have passed the OTS or been granted the rank of Warrant Officer or granted Provisional Officer Ranks who have shown themselves to be an exemplary member of the Chapter and STARFLEET.

Member of the Year. Members (regardless of rank or position in the Chapter) who have set the finest examples of the Chapter and STARFLEET.

Additional Awards will also be granted along humorous lines. After all we can’t be all pomp and circumstance.

Allie Henson your new Chief of Tactical

Allie Henson your new Chief of Tactical

And your New Chief of Tactical is…

Last month CPO James Butler resigned from his post as the Chapter Tactical Officer of the Chapter. For those that don’t know Tactical Division is responsible satisfying the gamer in us all.

Already the Chapter was considering moving the Chapter Board Game Day to +1 Gaming because the venue was quieter then our previous home at Go 4 Games.

Allie’s name was mentioned at Command Staff Meeting and then it was voted on at the last Chapter Meeting by overwhelming approval of the assembled members.

Already Allie is willing to get her feet wet with Zone and Region as the USS NEW ORLEANS is going to host Region Three’s Game Day in November. One of the selling points was a large enough venue to hold a number of people in the Zone. More on this event as the situation unfolds.

courtesy of Kristin Cangemi Patecek - Krewe Du Who


The forces of Krewe Du Who and the Consortium of Genius  conspired and collaborated creating the first Dr. Who Convention and Jefferson Orleans North in Metairie. Numerous members of the Chapter were there as well showing their appreciation for the fellow fans.

While not a Chapter Event, our friends at CONtraflow had a table, not to mention the same can be said for CoastCon where the USS NEW ORLEANS will once again show up next year.

Also there was +1 Gaming selling their wares of Time Traveling Games and Jelly Babies which were promptly sold out.

Other events consisted of watching on Dr. Who Episodes and Shooting a Dalek for charity. As the Fest wrapped up The COG performed with Daleks rocking the house down.

From all reports NOLA Time Fest was not only lots of fun and big success. It is the hopes of the USS NEW ORLEANS that there will be another Time Fest in the near future.

The Word is Given!


Courtesy off the USS Challenger

This just came in moments ago…
THE WORD IS GIVEN…The following from Adam Schneider owner of the Shuttlecaft Galileo 7 prop from the original STAR TREK TV series.

Fellow Star Trek Fans:

A year ago Leslie and I committed to restore “The First Shuttle,” Galileo from Star Trek, back to her original glory. She has been restored at Master Shipwrights in New Jersey. Galileo is now restored and you and your family are invited to the unveiling on Saturday, June 22, from 1-3 PM at Master Shipwrights, 25 West Highland Street, Atlantic Highlands NJ 07716. The unveiling is “rain or shine”… please RSVP if you can attend. If you have questions or need directions, please email us.

Our plan was always to restore and then donate Galileo. Leslie and I are proud to announce Galileo is being donated to Space Center Houston, the Visitor Center for NASA to inspire future generations of dreamers and explorers. She will be on display after the dedication, scheduled for July 31, 2013.

A bit of history: Star Trek (1966) was conceived after President Kennedy committed to a manned moon landing. Star Trek is a media franchise including six television series, 12 movies, and arguably the continuing vision of man’s future in space. In the first season, the show built a landing craft, the Galileo. This full-sized set piece first aired in 1967. Galileo was a vehicle to put the crew in danger and was featured in many episodes… and destroyed over and over! The piece was not used for filming after 1969.

Raging Tribble for the Month of May

USS New Orleans - Transparent Background

CAPT  Randolph Allen, Commanding Officer and CRR Johnetta Samone, Chapter Yeoman.

May Election Results

The month of May has been designated as Election time for the Chapter where all Command Staff Offices are up for election. For election term of 2013 – 2014 the following have been elected to their respective offices.

  • Commanding Officer - Randolph Allen (CAPT)
  • Executive Officer - Robert “Scrybe” Suttles (FCAPT)
  • Command Burser - Gipsy Plis (LCDR)

All Department Heads from the previous year were asked to retain their positions for the next term.

Additionally a Bylaw Amendment which sought to clarify the Chapter Voting Procedure was voted down.


New Chapter Position Created.

The membership has discussed at length about keeping minutes for each Chapter Meeting at the April Meeting. Johnetta Samone volunteered for the position with the Commanding Officer’s approval with the Chapter Membership as witnessed.

Tactical Department Division Head Resigns.

Chief Petty Officer James Butler has resigned from his post as Tactical Officer. The Command Staff recognizes his contribution to the Chapter in Gaming Arts and he will be missed.

600_97847012Facebook Communications and Chapter Calendar.

In recent months there have been some changes to way the Chapter communicates on the web. This article serves as a reminder as to what to use and for what purposes.

Groups and pages will now be moderated by the following personnel:

  • CAPT Randolph Allen (CO)
  • FCAPT Robert “Scrybe” Suttles (XO)
  • 1LT Cheri Cerio (OIC 329th)
  • CRR Johnetta Samone (Chapter Yeoman)


Into Darkness Premier.

What started off as simple weekend event running alongside MobiCon turned into five-day affair for the Krewe. of the USS NEW ORLEANS as we went to recruit new blood into the Chapter.

Chapter Table ready to go forever watched by the Man of Steel

Theater Policy did not allow the Chapter to collect a list of interested parties however, we did make contact with nearly 60 interested parties. Plus we garnished knowledge how to work with Theater for future events.

For those who assisted with the event the following have been recommend for the Order of Babel Third Class for assisting in a Chapter Recruiting event.

  • LCDR Gipsy Plis (Command Burser)
  • LT Keith “Deadeye” Rombach (Operations)
  • CRR Allie Henson

USS NEW ORLEANS goes live on your AM Dial!


Depending on how you think depends on your mindset about Star Trek Into Darkness. This Week in Geek Show had for its May 24th program members of the USS NEW ORLEANS discussing the new movie. CAPT Randolph Allen, 1LT Cheri Cerio and ENS Rob Cerio joined show host David Ducorbier for a lively discussion about the new movie. At the end of the hour-long program there was much fun to be had by all.

Podcast for the show can be found here.

Embroidert Design by ENS Rob Cerio (Cool ain't it)

New Combadges for the Chapter

At the Chapter Meeting ENS Rob Cerio debuted some combadge and belt buckle concepts for the Chapter. Once he gets a fix on the right design it will be made available to the Chapter. Foolishly we didn’t get any pics of the designs but from what we saw they were AWESOME! Great work Rob!

Command Staff Notes

The Command Staff met June 6th, 2013 and decided that the Bylaws were not enough in regards Chapter Operations. As a result ENS Rob Cerio decided to start working on a Chapter Operations Manual to help Chapter Members with ongoing policies that are not covered by the bylaws. This will be done as expeditiously as possible.

Additionally there was a discussion about what constitutes as a Chapter Event and Non-Chapter Event.

So what makes a Chapter Event?

  • Sponsored by Chapter Members who are Hosts of the event.
  • The Host chooses the Place, Time, Communicates Cost in a Public Forum (such as Starship New Orleans Facebook Group and/or USS New Orleans Tactical Facebook Group).
  • he host is responsible for posting on Facebook and inviting guests and notifying the CO Randolph Allen at least 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • The CO will make this event on the Chapter Calendars on the Facebook page and Chapter Website for maximum coverage.
  • Members who attend these events can earn points towards their rank.
  • Event hosts are to send a list to the Commanding Officer of what Chapter Members have attended the event.

So what makes a Non-Chapter Event?

  • Can be posted on the Starship New Orleans Group with the understanding that you will be inviting the entire chapter and everyone in Group.
  • No points towards promotion will be awarded for attending the event.

Cadet Star Award

STARFLEET Academy Triangle Logo

Peg Pellerin, STARFLEET Academy Commandant

****  Widest Distribution, Please ***

Please pass this along to all STARFLEET members, especially our younger
ones known as Cadets.

We have a program that when a young member completes full colleges with
the grades of Honors &/or Distinction, they become eligible to receive the
Cadet Star Award, which consists of a special certificate and a gold STAR
pin.  They can earn as many of these awards as they complete colleges.

Some cadets do try and succeed in completing the SFA courses geared for
adults.  Please make sure that when completing the requests to take any
exam whether it be under the Institute of Cadet Studies or any other
Institute within SFA, that the member indicates his/her age.  It assists
our directors to identify who might be able to qualify for this special

CO’s and XO’s this might also be an incentive to get your 6 to 18 years
olds to become involved in some form of SFI activity and have fun and
rewards at the same time.  Let them know about it.

Thank you,

Peg Pellerin
SFA Commandant

Job Openings at the Marine Corps Academy


Major General Travis Littou, COTRACOM (Acting)

Recently we have lost some very fine Marines at the SFMCA, and consequently have several job openings available.

We are currently hiring directors for the following schools:

Leadership Development
Xeno Studies (Borg)
Xeno Studies (Cardassian)
Xeno Studies (Romulan)

Applications will be accepted until Sunday, July 7 2013 at 2359 Central Daylight Time

Here are the requirements:

1. All TRACOM Staff members must have completed PD-10 (Marine Basic Training), PD-20 and OTS;
2. Must be a member in good standing of STARFLEET;
3. Be at least 18 years of age;
4. Branch Directors must have completed every course offered by their Branch up to and including the –30/-301 level coursework (Bachelor’s of Military Science);
5. If a staff member is appointed to a position within TRACOM, and that person has not completed the requirements for the position, he/she shall have 60 days to complete the requirements or be asked to resign the position;
6. All candidates should review the TRACOM Policies and Procedures Manual paying close attention to the duties outlined in sections 3.01, 3.02, 3.04 Doctrine Section sub-section Branch Directors, and section 3.05 IN FULL. Please send your ‘Fleet resume, a letter of intent, and why you feel you would make a valuable addition to the Training and Doctrine Command Staff to me at


*Major General Travis Littou*
Armor Director
SFMCA Team Delta